Introducing Soho

Soho is the social commerce platform for digital collectors. Founded by former Instagram leaders, our product offers a new mobile experience that helps you see what’s happening with the collectibles and communities you love. On Soho, you can discover new trends, stay up to date on the things you care about, and connect with the world’s greatest collectors. Starting today, we are inviting people from the waitlist to download and test the beta app on iPhone. Join the waitlist at and stay tuned for more updates.


We are now inviting people from the waitlist to try the beta. Invite codes will be sent via Twitter or email and can be redeemed on our website to download the app ( We will be prioritizing early community members who collect / create digital assets and strategic partners who want to work with us. Once registered, users can request additional invite codes for their friends if they are actively using Soho and providing valuable feedback. We appreciate your patience during this process as over 10,000 people have joined the waitlist in the first 24 hours.


We want to set clear expectations with you about our product and process. The current beta is an early implementation of our vision and offers a minimal set of features. We believe in doing a few things really well instead of a lot things okay. Over the next few months, we will be letting people in slowly to ensure a high-quality bar for user content and interactions. Our decisions will be based on product principles, user feedback, and data analysis to ensure that we solve real problems for our community.


Our team of 5 was founded by senior talent from Instagram and Facebook, where we led some of today’s most popular consumer products across social and commerce: Stories, Shopping, Marketplace, Social Good, Groups, and Videos. We are excited to bring everything we learned about building and growing good consumer products to Soho and the web3 community.


Our investors include a strong and diverse set of VCs across consumer and crypto. We also prioritized the best digital collectors in the initial round to develop deep insights and networks in the web3 space: punk6529, Cozomo de Medici, gmoney, Bharat Krymo, OSF, and more. We are advised by the Heads of Product at Instagram, Patreon, and Uniswap.


We are currently hiring for the following roles:

  • Head of Design
  • Senior Frontend Engineer
  • Senior ML Engineer
  • Community Manager

Please DM us on Twitter or email if you’re interested. All roles are required to be in person at our office in Manhattan, New York.



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The social commerce platform for digital collectors.